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Uninstalling Bee

Uninstalling Bee

Choose the appropriate uninstall method based on the install method used:

Package Manager Install

This method can be used for package manager based installs of the official Debian, RPM, and Homebrew packages.


This will remove your keyfiles so make certain that you have a full backup of your keys and configuration before uninstalling.


To uninstall Bee and completely remove all associated files including keys and configuration, run:

sudo apt-get purge bee


sudo yum remove bee

Binary Install

If Bee is installed using the automated shell script or by building from source, Bee can be uninstalled by directly removing the installed file.

sudo rm `/usr/local/bin/bee`

Remove Bee Data Files

To completely remove all Bee files from your system you will also need to remove the config and data files.


Node keys, password, chunks and state files are stored in the data folder. Make backups of your data folder to prevent losing keys and data.


Config folder: Configuration file is stored in /etc/bee/

Data folder: State, keys, chunks, and other data are stored in /var/lib/bee/