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Logs and Files


If you have installed Bee on Linux using a package manager you will now be able to manage your Bee service using systemctl.

systemctl status bee
● bee.service - Bee - Ethereum Swarm node
Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/bee.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
Active: active (running) since Fri 2020-11-20 23:50:15 GMT; 6s ago

Logs are available using the journalctl command:

journalctl --lines=100 --follow --unit bee
INFO[2021-02-09T18:55:11Z] swarm public key 03379f7aa673b7f03737064fd23ba1453619924a4602e70bbccc133ba67d0968bd
DEBU[2021-02-09T18:55:11Z] using existing libp2p key
DEBU[2021-02-09T18:55:11Z] using existing pss key
INFO[2021-02-09T18:55:11Z] pss public key 03bae655ce94431e1f2c2de8d017f88c8c5c293ef0057379223084aba9e318596e
INFO[2021-02-09T18:55:11Z] using ethereum address 99c9e7868d22244106a5ffbc2f5d6b7c88e2c85a
INFO[2021-02-09T18:55:14Z] using default factory address for chain id 5: f0277caffea72734853b834afc9892461ea18474
INFO[2021-02-09T18:55:14Z] no chequebook found, deploying new one.
WARN[2021-02-09T18:55:15Z] cannot continue until there is sufficient ETH (for Gas) and at least 10 BZZ available on 99c9e7868d22244106a5ffbc2f5d6b7c88e2c85a


Services are managed using Homebrew services.

brew services restart swarm-bee

Logs are available at /usr/local/var/log/swarm-bee/bee.log

tail -f /usr/local/var/log/swarm-bee/bee.log

Data Locations


Configuration files are stored in /etc/bee/. State, chunks and other data are stored in /var/lib/bee/