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Ultra Light Nodes


When running without a blockchain connection, bandwidth incentive payments (SWAP) cannot be made so there is a risk of getting blocklisted by other peers for unpaid services.


In order to run an ultra-light node use the same configuration as for the light node but leave the blockchain-rpc-endpoint parameter value to empty (or just comment it out).


Make sure you set the swap-enable configuration parameter to false, otherwise you will get an error.

Mode of Operation

The target audience for this mode of operations are users who want to try out running a node but don't want to go through the hassle of blockchain onboarding. Ultra-light nodes will be able to download data as long as the data consumed does not exceed the payment threshold (payment-threshold in configuration) set by peers they connect to.

Running Bee without a connected blockchain backend, however, imposes some limitations:

  • Can't do overlay verification
  • Can't do SWAP settlements

Since we can't buy postage stamps:

  • Can't send PSS messages
  • Can't upload data to the network