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Monitoring Your Node

Your Bee node is equipped with tools to help you understand what your Bee has been up to!

Navigate to http://localhost:1633/metrics.

This is the current state of Bee's metrics as they stand at this moment.

In order to use these metrics and view, we need to keep a record of these metrics over time.

To do this we will use Prometheus. Simply install, configure as follows, and restart!

For Ubuntu and other Debian based Linux distributions install using apt:

sudo apt install prometheus

And configure localhost:1633 as a target in the static_configs.

sudo vim /etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml
- targets: ["localhost:9090", "localhost:1633"]

Navigate to http://localhost:9090 to see the Prometheus user interface.

Now that our metrics are being scraped into Prometheus' database, we can use it as a data source which is used by Grafana to display the metrics as a time series graph on the dashboard.

Type bee_ in the 'expression' or 'metrics' field in Prometheus or Grafana respectively to see the list of metrics available. Here's a few to get you started!


Share your creations in the #node-operators channel of our Discord server!