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Build from Source

Bee is written using the Go language.

You may build the Bee client software directly from the source.

Prerequisites for installing direct from source are:

  • go - download the latest release from
  • git - download from
  • make - usually included in most operating systems.

Build from Source

  1. Clone the repository:

    git clone
    cd bee
  2. Use git to find the latest release:

    git describe --tags
  3. Checkout the required version:

    git checkout v2.1.0
  4. Build the binary:

    make binary
  5. Check you are able to run the bee command. Success can be verified by running:

    dist/bee version
  6. (optional) Additionally, you may also like to move the Bee binary to somewhere in your $PATH

    sudo cp dist/bee /usr/local/bin/bee