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Swarm Ecosystem Tokens


BZZ is the original token issued from the Ethswarm Bonding Curve contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

BZZ Ethereum address: 0x19062190b1925b5b6689d7073fdfc8c2976ef8cb

PLUR is the smallest denomination of BZZ. 1 PLUR is equal to 1e-16 BZZ.


"xBZZ" is the term used to indicate BZZ on Gnosis Chain. It is the bridged version of the original Ethereum BZZ token issued on Gnosis Chain. xBZZ is the token used for staking and to pay for storage fees on Swarm.

xBZZ Gnosis Chain address: 0xdBF3Ea6F5beE45c02255B2c26a16F300502F68da


Note that the ticker symbol is the same BZZ for both Gnosis Chain and Ethereum versions of the token. xBZZ is term of convenience used to differentiate the tokens within the Swarm community.

As with BZZ, PLUR is the smallest denomination of xBZZ. 1 PLUR is equal to 1e-16 xBZZ.


gBZZ is the testnet version of BZZ on the Goerli Ethereum testnet.

Goerli testnet address: 0x2ac3c1d3e24b45c6c310534bc2dd84b5ed576335


DAI is the popular decentralized stablecoin from MakerDAO.


xDAI is the bridged version of DAI on Gnosis Chain and also serves as the native gas token for Gnosis Chain and is used to pay transaction fees on Gnosis Chain in the same way ETH is used to pay for transactions on Ethereum. It is required by Bee nodes to pay for transaction fees when interacting with Swarm smart contracts on Gnosis Chain.

Getting BZZ / xBZZ

The Swarm official website has a page with a list of resources for getting BZZ tokens. Be careful to check whether it is BZZ on Ethereum or Gnosis Chain.

Bridging BZZ or DAI

If you already have DAI or BZZ on Ethereum then you can use one of the Gnosis Chain bridges to swap for the bridged version of each token on Gnosis Chain (or vice versa). You can use either xDAI Bridge or OmniBridge for swapping between DAI and xDAI or BZZ and xBZZ.