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Fair Data Society

The Fair Data Society (FDS) is a coordinated network developing infrastructure and dApps for a fairer data economy and promoting human rights through digital sovereignty. It is a movement and vision aimed at promoting a decentralized, equitable, and sustainable digital ecosystem that respects individual privacy and data ownership. Its core goal is to empower individuals with control over their data, ensuring that data is used ethically and transparently, while fostering a more balanced relationship between individuals, organizations, and governments.

While FDS is an independent organization, it shares Swarm's vision for the future of data and the decentralized web. FDS uses Swarm's technology as the foundation for the software it develops and incubates for the purpose of realizing its goals.

The suite of Swarm based FDS software provides a wide range of functionalities for a variety of users and use cases. The suite currently consists of:


FDS's software is currently in beta or earlier and has no guarantees of file integrity, persistence, or security.

  1. The Fair Data Protocol (FDP) - A data interoperability protocol for dApps that use personal data.
  2. Fairdrive - Decentralised storage on Swarm.
  3. Fairdrop - An easy and secure way to send your files. No central server. No tracking. No backdoors.
  4. FairOS - The operating system for the decentralised web.
  5. Galileo - An open source project that allows you to use, create and modify maps of various participants.