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Awesome Swarm

An awesome list on anything awesome related to the Swarm platform. 🐝 🐝 🐝

To see the most up to date list or submit an addition to it, make sure to check the awesome-swarm repo.

We love your contribution, pull requests are most welcome!


Some software on this list is community created and has not been reviewed for functionality or security and comes with no guarantees.


Bee - Also referred to as the node or the client, this service allows you to join the Swarm network


Bee-JS - A high-level Javascript library to interact with Bee through its REST API

Mantaray-JS - A low-level Swarm manifest manipulation library

Sepatree - The SepaTree data structure abstracted on Swarm

BeeJeez - Javascript implementation of the handshake protocol and others based on libp2p


Beekeeper - Orchestrate and test Bee clusters through Kubernetes

Bee Factory - Sets up a Dockerized stack of Bee nodes including Ganache blockchain

Bee Factory VPS - Provides an automatized way to set up Bee Factory on a fresh Ubuntu VPS

Beeload Action - GitHub Actions workflow for uploading data to the Swarm network


Bee Dashboard - React project to troubleshoot and interact with your Bee node

Gateway - Gateway to the Swarm project, for uploading, downloading and sharing assets on the network

Pastebee - Pastebin, but on Swarm and with unstoppable publishing

Chess UI - Play, store and share Chess games on Swarm


Swarm CLI - Do everything on Swarm with the power of the terminal

Swarm Extension - Official extension that adds Swarm support and injects Bee library to the browser

Pastebee CLI - Upload to Pastebee via the CLI and share the Swarm hash

Swarm CID Converter - Convert Swarm hashes or links to CID and vice versa.

Bee-AFS - FUSE filesystem for Bee

Nextcloud Swarm Plugin - Plugin for bridging Nextcloud and Swarm.

Smart Contracts

Swap, Swear and Swindle - Protocols for peer-to-peer accounting

Storage Incentives - Smart contracts providing the basis for Swarm's storage incentivization model


The Book of Swarm - Storage and communication infrastructure for self-sovereign digital society back-end stack for the decentralised web

Bee Docs - Documentation for the Swarm Bee Client. View at

Bee-JS Docs - Documentation for the Swarm Bee-js javascript library. View at

Community / Ecosystem

Fair data society - Ecosystem initiative for ethical Web3

FairOS - Distributed file system, key-value store and nosql store on Swarm (for developers)

Fair Data Protocol roadmap enabling data interoperability - Develop your dapp on Swarm fast and in an interoperable way

FDP play - CLI tool to spin up local development FDP environment and Bee cluster with Docker

Blossom browser extension - Browser Extension based on Fair Data Protocol that acts as a web3 framework for dApps and a Fair Data Society account manager for end-users

Fairdrive - Decentralised and unstoppable "Dropbox" for end-users and developers using Fair Data Protocol

Fairdrive code - Code for decentralised and unstoppable "Dropbox" for end-users and developers using Fair Data Protocol

Fairdrop - Decentralised file sharing

Galileo - Open Street Maps on Swarm

Dracula - Hackmd-like markdown editor that works with Swarm

SwarmScan - Get network insights - Decentralised Youtube on Swarm

Social Archive - Archive your social media

Swapchat 2.0 - Decentralised, ephemeral, peer-to-peer, encrypted chat

Hacker Manifesto - The Hacker Manifesto on Swarm with a community funded postage stamp

SwarmNFT library - JavaScript library for creating NFTs on Ethereum-compatible blockchains and storing content on Swarm

videoNFT - NFT live streaming with Swarm (winner of EthBerlin3 2022 Freedom to Transact Track)

DeBoot - DeBoot is a project to research and implement approaches to bootloading OS images from a decentralized storage network such as Swarm or IPFS.

Swarm DAppNode Package - Swarm DAppNode package for Swarm Mainnet with multi-platform (x86_64 and arm64) support. Testnet DAppNode packages can be found here.


Swarm Bot - Discord bot handling commands related to Swarm and its community