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Swarm Whitepaper and The Book of Swarm

What happens with a Bee node after startup? Want to know more about the Swarm technology behind Bee? Want to make your own client? Head over to the Learn section to start learning about the technology and concepts powering Swarm.

For more in-depth documentation, you can get started with the Swarm Whitepaper and for an even deeper dive, The Book of Swarm, our 250 page guide to the tech underpinning the Swarm network.

Bonding Curve

Find more information on the bonding curve, including its source code in the github repository.


Working With Bee

Once Bee is installed, find out how to configure the software, interact with the API, monitor what Bee is up to, and make those all important backups in the working with Bee section.

Access the Swarm

To learn more about how to get the most out of Bee, find out how to access the swarm section so you can share files with your friends, use Bee to host a website on a public Swarm Gateway, and much more!

API Reference

Find detailed information on all the endpoints available in the autogenerated API reference and Debug API reference guides.


Swarm is all about dapps. It strives to provide the most developer friendly environment on which to build decentralised organisations. Built on the principles of functionality, flexibility and accessibility, Bee provides high level constructs for file storage, feeds and key-value stores, while also providing the low level access with libraries that create Single Owner and Trojan chunks clientside, with total e2e privacy. Learn more about how to develop on Swarm.


Join our efforts! Are you up to the challenge of helping to create Bee and the other incredible technologies that are being build on top of it? You are invited to contribute code to the Bee client or any of the other projects in Swarm's Ethersphere.


There is a vibrant and buzzing community behind Swarm - get involved in one of our group channels: