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Bee Tools

Bee Dashboard#

Our wonderful community (shout out to matmertz25!) have teamed up with our inimitable javascript team, the Bee Gees ๐Ÿ•บ , to create Bee Dashboard a graphical user interface for your Bee.

Use this tool to make sure your Bee is functioning correctly, keep an eye on cheques as they accumulate, and cash them out, withdraw your earned BZZ, and much more!

Head over to the Github repo for more information on how to install and use Bee Dashboard.

Swarm CLI#

If you're comfortable with nodejs and the command line, we recommend you try interacting with your Bee using the mighty swarm-cli.

Swarm CLI is a javascript based companion for your Bee node that can maintain multiple identities, makes it super easy to host your websites and will allow you to interact with some of Swarm's more advanced features such as feeds.

Instructions on how to install and use swarm-cli are maintained at the Github repository.