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Quick Start

Bee is a versatile piece of software that caters for a diverse array of use cases.

Access the Network#

If you want to interact with the Bee ecosystem in a decentralised way, but not earn BZZ by storing or forwarding chunks, simply run a Bee light node in the background on your laptop or desktop computer. This will enable direct access to the swarm from your web browser and other applications.

Or if you want to interact with the Bee ecosystem for a shorter period of time you can run Bee in ultra light node This will allow you to download data but otherwise it has very limited functionality.

Install Bee

Support the Network and Earn BZZ by Running a Full Node#

Earn BZZ and help keep the swarm strong by running your own full node. It's easy to set up your own Bee on a Raspberry Pi, cloud host, or any home computer that's connected to the internet.

Install Bee

Run Your Own Hive of Nodes#

Take it to the next level by keeping a whole hive of Bees! We provide tooling and monitoring to help you manage large deployments of multiple Bee nodes: Bee Hives.