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Direct upload


We recommend turning encryption ON when using this feature with content that has to be re-uploaded due to uniqueness and uniformity assumptions regarding chunk addresses that have been stamped in a given postage batch. Please note that when uploading the same content multiple times using the same postage stamp without encryption will cause your postage stamp to fill-up faster than usual!


By default your bee instance will handle uploads in a deferred manner. If you want to upload directly to the network you have to set the Swarm-Deferred-Upload header value to "false" in your request.

curl \
-H "Swarm-Deferred-Upload: false" \
-H "Content-Type: application/x-tar" \
-H "Swarm-Postage-Batch-Id: 78a26be9b42317fe6f0cbea3e47cbd0cf34f533db4e9c91cf92be40eb2968264" \
--data-binary @my_data.tar http://localhost:1633/bzz

Mode of Operation

You have the option to push data directly onto the network while still allowing buffered uploads as it was traditionally allowed. With this new mode of operation, the root hash of an upload will only be received once all chunks have been safely uploaded into the network.