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Ultra Light Nodes


When running without a blockchain we can't do settlements thus risking getting blocklisted by other peers.


In order to configure ultra light node mode use the same configurations as for the light node but chain-enable: true in your configuration.

Mode of Operation#

The target audience for this mode of operations are users who want to try out running a node but don't want to go through the hassle of blockchain onboarding. The user will be able to download data as long as the connected peers will allow this freeriding.

Running Bee without a connected blockchain backend, however, imposes some limitations:

  • we can't do overlay verification
  • we can't do settlements

Since we can't buy postage stamps - we can not:

  • send pss messages
  • upload data to the network

Switching On and Off#

It is safe to switch between ultra light mode and other modes of operation.