As well as earning gBZZ and supporting the network, Bee it our entrypoint to Swarm's unstoppable data storage and distribution system. Swarm is a distributed system designed to work with together with smart contracts to enable the development and infrastructure for full service applications running entirely on the decentralised web.

Here's just a few of the amazing things you can do with Bee!

Decentralise Your Files#

Bee provides several convenient ways to upload your data into the Swarm. Once your data has been uploaded, it will be distributed, stored and retrievable by a worldwide network of p2p nodes, and made available from Swarm's web gateway.

Upload Whole Directories#

Find out how to upload whole directories at once using Bee's HTTP API.

Host Your Website on the Decentralised Web#

Swarm is an distributed international network of nodes that provides hosting for your unstoppable websites. See this guide to hosting your website on swarm

Sync With the Network#

Watch as your uploaded data is synced with the network of thousands of nodes worldwide!

Keep Your Data Alive#

Learn how to assign gBZZ to your data using postage stamps so that it remains live on the Swarm network.


Learn how to pin your data so it remains available locally on your Bee node, and then repair the network in case your postage stamps run out, using Global Pinning.

Light Nodes#

When accessing the Swarm network for certain use cases a Bee might not want to take part in forwarding and storing data. Find out how to use Bee in Light Node mode.